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Overview & Philosophy

At the Diamante Law Group, every client, and every case is important. Given the phenomena accelerated globalization, this office is committed to creating bridges among people from different nations. Unlike many businesses, our labor requires sensitivity to humanitarian concerns. When we assume a case, we realize that we not only represent an individual but a family.


Immigration cases affect the livelihood of families and impact dreams. For these reasons, we provide our clients unparalleled, personal attention. No case is too small. No case is too complicated. And no goal is unworthy of serious consideration and investigation. We are here to assist and shepherd our clients through the complex immigration process with patience, unique expertise, and compassion. We thank all our clients, both past, and present, for allowing us to serve them, and for the enrichment they have brought into our lives.



More than 25 years litigating in all government levels including 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.



Every case is thoroughly analyzed and prepared to maximize successful results for our clients .


Team Work

We share a common vision and one vision only, using all of our resources to successfully represent you.



 Our legal firm will not pause or slow down when our clients most need us, specially if a deportation or family separation can happen

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